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Chiropractor Wheat Ridge CO Sam McDonald


Sam McDonald D.C.

Every day I hear story after story about how parents and their kids are sick and suffering and I am on a mission to change that. My passion in healthcare is pediatrics and my goal is to provide the absolute best results as fast as possible for our families.

I got started in chiropractic at 14 when I was injured playing football. I hurt my ankle so bad and I was losing my ability to walk. After my first visit to my chiropractor, I was able to walk normal again and from that point I was hooked. Slowly but surely by allergies disappeared, the chronic illnesses I struggled with were gone and my focus issues in school were no longer a problem. The greatest joy in my career is helping those who have lost hope and those who are looking for answers.


  • Certified through the American Functional Neurology Institute
Chiropractor Wheat Ridge CO Lynn Tran-McDonald


Lynn Tran D.C.

Dr. Lynn has been on a journey of self-discovery since her early twenties. While working as a wellness coach and teaching yoga and meditation, Dr. Lynn witnessed her clients access a wellspring of potential energy that allowed them to live higher-quality lives.

Curious about this innate evolution and committed to her mission in helping people access their highest potential through vibrant health, Divine intervention directed her towards the chiropractic path. From her experience providing chiropractic care to veterans at the Veteran Hospital in Dallas, TX to serving hundreds of families across Mexico, Dominican Republic and Haiti during mission trips; to her personal experience of becoming a mother, Dr. Lynn combines her passion, love, and energy to serve families at Wild & Precious.


  • Webster Certified
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
Chiropractic Wheat Ridge CO Carol Ng Biodermal Feedback Consultant

Biodermal Feedback Consultant

Carol Ng

Chiropractic Wheat Ridge CO Olive Director of Public Relations



I’m the cuddly office dog who greets you with a wagging tail and am always ready for a game of tug o war!

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