What are Sleep Disorders in Wheat Ridge CO?

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The importance of quality sleep can’t be overstated. For optimal brain function, emotional well being, physical health and relationship health we need adequate rest and sleep. People who suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders may also struggle with anxiety, depression, memory problems, dementia, chronic pain, cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal problems and more. Keep reading to learn more about sleep disorders in Wheat Ridge.

What are the symptoms of Sleep disorders?

Sleep disorders are characterized by problems falling asleep, staying asleep, daytime fatigue, or excessive amounts of sleep with not feeling rested and refreshed. Other symptoms may include brain fog, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, or easily irritable.

What causes Sleep disorders?

Some symptoms of sleep disorders may be caused by mechanical problems like sleep apnea. The majority of sleep disorders stem from a dysregulated nervous system. Sleep and wakefulness are dictated by our circadian rhythms which are heavily influenced by the state of arousal of our nervous system. The more wound up your nervous system is in fight or flight the more difficult it will be to produce the necessary neurotransmitters to fall or stay asleep. In conjunction, the more the brain is stuck in higher frequency functions the more problems you will have moving through the various stages of sleep that result in proper rest and rejuvenation.

Why choose Denver Brain Health Experts at Wild & Precious Optimal Living for treating your Sleep Disorder symptoms?

Our clinic has a long successful history of helping individuals with sleep issues. Sleep Disorder symptoms can manifest into physical body complaints so its important to treat both the body and brain in order to achieve the best results possible. We specialize in neurological techniques that look at arousal states in the nervous system and help the body find peace and calmness so you can achieve the best night's sleep possible. We tailor our care specific to you and your nervous system, drug-free.

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