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The foundation of our practice is in chiropractic in Wheat Ridge CO. Many think chiropractors are just "back doctors" and in some cases this is true. There are many chiropractors that focus solely on the biomechanics of the spine and they provide a fantastic service to the world.

Neurologically Based Chiropractic in Wheat Ridge CO

As Neurologically based chiropractors, we don't treat conditions. We identify neurological and metabolic deficits and imbalances that may give rise to your symptoms and complaints. Our goal and focus is always on restoring balance and function to your nervous system.

However, we know that Chiropractic has a lot more to offer than just focusing on biomechanics. Neurologically based chiropractic takes a profession that has been seeing miracles for over 100 years and brings it into the 21st century. Neurologically based chiropractic focuses on the optimal function of the brain and nervous system.

Every joint in your body sends information to your brain, 60% of that information comes from your spine, and this information helps your brain keep an accurate map of what is happening in the body. When a joint begins to lose its full range of motion or when it begins to move abnormally that starts the process of sending pain and bad information (nociception) to the brain.

The brain is the world's most powerful supercomputer. When the brain begins receiving too much bad information its map of the body starts to get fuzzy (garbage in, garbage out.) As the brain begins to process information inappropriately it starts to activate the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) for longer and longer periods. Think of a runaway train with no one to tap the brakes. As the brain gets more wound up, this prolonged fight or flight response causes an abnormal amount of energy to be used resulting in the body breaking down and symptoms to arise.

Innovative Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology is a powerful evidence-based method that uses neurological rehabilitation strategies to enhance the connection and communication across the brain and nerve system. Our senses like hearing, touch, vision, and balance all integrate like a symphony in order for us to live healthy active lives. But when parts of the brain become dysfunctional what used to be routine actions now become daily struggles and your health declines.

Functional Neurology uses different tools and methods to fire networks in the brain that are underdeveloped, under-regulated, and under-integrated. Using the rule that "nerves that fire together, wire together" we can target healthy neuroplasticity to mold a stronger healthier you.

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