What is PTSD in Wheat Ridge CO?

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Many people are exposed to trauma in their lives, it may be firsthand, you may personally witness it happen to someone else, or discover a loved one has had a traumatic event. Afterward, it is normal to process the event in the days or weeks that follow which in most cases the trauma naturally subsides overtime. But for some individuals the traumatic events continue to affect their mood, life choices, relationships, and neurology. Learn more about PTSD in Wheat Ridge.

What are the core symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

A person may develop symptoms of PTSD immediately after the traumatic event or it may take weeks or months for them to emerge.

  • Intense recollections, such as flashbacks or nightmares
  • Inability to recall certain aspects of what happened
  • Social isolation
  • Emotional numbness
  • Easily startled and always on guard
  • Increased or excessive anxiety
  • Loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy

What causes Post Traumatic stress disorder?

Our brains are wired to detect a threat of danger or death so having a neurological, biological and psychological response to an event is normal. Research is pointing to the main difference in those that develop PTSD and those that don't is resilience. High levels of neurological adaptability and resilience correlate with individuals who can process and overcome severe traumatic emotional stress

Why choose Denver Brain Health Experts at Wild & Precious Optimal Living for treating your PTSD symptoms?

The treatment of PTSD Symptoms often overlap with many somatic conditions such as chronic pain, headaches and joint discomfort. It is important when overcoming severe emotional stress to treat both the body and the brain concurrently for best possible outcomes. At Wild & Precious Optimal Living we blend cutting edge neurological modalities that look at neurological trauma markers, resiliency levels and cutting edge chiropractic techniques so you can find peace in your head and body. We tailor our care specific to you and your nervous system, drug-free.

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