What is Depression in Wheat Ridge CO?

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Everyone feels down and gets the blues from time to time and for most of us, we bounce back and get back to enjoying our lives. But, for some people, the feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, and the feeling that life isn’t worth engaging in don’t leave them. It begins to affect how they think, act and respond to life. Those that struggle with depression will often withdraw from life and struggle to find pleasure in activities they used to enjoy. Ultimately it can lead them into a dark internal state where this feeling rarely leaves them. Click here to read more about depression in Wheat Ridge.

Consequences of untreated Depression in wheat ridge

Statistics estimate that 2 out of 3 people that struggle with depression or anxiety don’t seek help for their condition. Depression can ruin your life and when left untreated it can lead to substance abuse, destroy your relationships, hinder your work performance, and decrease your resiliency to certain medical conditions.

What causes depression?

There are many factors that contribute to depression and mood disorders. Events such as loss of a job, death of a friend, family member, or pet, or break-up of a relationship, can all cause periods of depressed mood states. These event-related disturbances in mood are generally transient and you can move on with your life.

Neurologically-based mood disorders, on the other hand, persist and predispose one to have more prolonged or more intense reactions to emotional events. All mood disorders have identifiable neurological patterns that make resolving them a more linear process. Some forms of depression are associated with imbalances in the frontal regions of the brain such as when fast frequency brainwaves are considerably greater in the right frontal cortex vs the left. Other forms of depression are associated with deficits of slow frequency brainwaves in the back of the brain. Bipolar conditions are usually associated with brainwave anomalies in both the front and the back of the brain.

Why choose Denver Brain Health Experts at Wild & Precious Optimal Living for treating your depression and anxiety symptoms?

In traditional medicine, diagnoses are commonly based on symptom groups and don’t often involve objective testing. Unfortunately, this can lead to the problem getting worse as you are trying to manage medications until you find the correct type and dosage and you are now dependent upon that medication for the rest of your life.
Our brain mapping process lets us see how you are functioning on an individual level and find out how your brain is actually working. When it comes to treatment, one size does not fit all! We tailor our care specifically to you and your nervous system, drug-free. With the proper care, you can overcome your symptoms without medication and reclaim your life!

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