Depression & Anxiety in Wheat Ridge

Chiropractic Wheat Ridge CO Depression

Depression and anxiety in Wheat Ridge are complex issues and unlike physical pain they can’t be seen just by looking at someone. The feelings of hopelessness, fear, and nothingness can be overwhelming.

What Can Chiropractic & Functional Neurology do to help in Wheat Ridge?

We don't treat depression or anxiety. We focus on your overall neurological function, since your brain is what controls everything in your body and it is what is responsible for your perception of your reality. The majority of our clients with anxiety and depression have similar patterns when they seek our care. Their brains are stressed to the max, their ability to relax both consciously and subconsciously is compromised and their bodily perception is poor to non-existent. Our goal with Chiropractic & Functional Neurology is to help your brain function optimally so you can connect to your body and connect to you.

The hardest part about struggling with depression or anxiety is that they can drive you into isolation and keep you from seeking out the help you need. Know that we hear you and are here FOR you. Know you're not alone!

Looking at the two images, which would you say has the larger orange circle, the left or the right one?

If you were to use a ruler to actually measure the circles, you would actually see that they are the same size! Perception refers to the interpretation of what you take in through your eyes. Optical illusions occur because our brain is trying to interpret what you see and make sense of the world around you. Optical illusions simply trick your brain into seeing things which may or may not be real. Similarly, your brain's interpretation of what you experience day to day may be altered or distorted based on your degree of resilience and health.

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