What is Brain-Based Chiropractic in Wheat Ridge CO?

Chiropractic Wheat Ridge CO Brain-Based Chiropractic

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and a good place to start is by explaining how the brain and nervous system work in Wheat Ridge CO. This usually starts with a very simple question.

What coordinates EVERY function in your entire body in Wheat Ridge CO?

Hopefully, you answered “my brain” and if you did you are correct. The next question usually is “What determines how your brain coordinates these functions?”

For example, you would agree that your brain will send different messages to your body if you were trying to escape a burning building vs if you were trying to take a nap. If your brain perceives the environment properly it can then send the correct messages to your body. However, that is not always the case

The Problem!

The Brain is not always functioning and/or communicating properly. The inability of your brain to properly adapt to stress leads to poor brain communication and stress patterns. These patterns change the brain's physiology altering how your brain perceives the environment and how it communicates with your body.

An easy way to understand this is an analogy about a fire alarm. If the fire alarm were to go off in your building what would happen to your heart rate? Breathing? Muscle tension? They would all increase.

Why does your brain tell your body to do these things?

So you can escape the burning building! This is your body moving into survival mode. Your brain perceived a stress, the fire alarm, and sent messages to your body to increase the chances of survival.

Now let's say the fire alarm was a false alarm and you came back inside and sat down in a comfortable chair for 30 minutes. What would happen to your heart rate? Breathing? Muscle tension? They should all go down.

Why does your brain tell your body to do these things? So your body can relax since there is no longer any danger. This is called healing mode.

When your brain always thinks you are escaping a burning building you get stuck in survival mode which leads to the body breaking down. Its begins with headaches, back pain and sleep issues. And if it happens long enough it can lead to more serious problems like anxiety, depression, autoimmune conditions or other severe chronic conditions

The Solution!

Our doctors at Wild & Precious Optimal Living assess your brain and nervous system and it’s ability or inability to move from survival mode into healing mode. Research is clear that Chiropractic adjustments and Neurological Rehabilitation alters brain function. Once we understand how well your brain is functioning we can help you get back to feeling and functioning at your best!

We tailor our care specific to you and your nervous system, drug-free.
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