What is Brain Fog in Wheat Ridge CO?

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Brain fog is characterized by forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating and mental fatigue. It can be a frustrating and puzzling condition. Most connolly people notice issues in completing simple tasks, following along in conversations or remembering important information. Click here to learn more about brain fog in Wheat Ridge.

What causes Brain Fog?

Brain fog can be caused by a number of factors: lack of sleep, increased stress levels, depression, dementia, traumatic brain injury, chronic health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, and viral infections including COVID-19. Recent data shows people who contracted COVID-19 faced substantially higher risks of neuropsychiatric ailments including brain fog.

Why choose Denver Brain Health Experts at Wild & Precious Optimal Living for treating your Brain Fog symptoms?

Brain Fog symptoms typically don’t exist by themselves and usually someone struggling with Brain Fog will also be struggling with another neurological condition. Our Brain fog treatment programs are designed to improve cognitive functioning by providing the brain with new challenges that help to improve memory, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. We tailor our care specific to you and your nervous system, drug-free.

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