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Wild & Precious Optimal Living

Brain health dictates the quality of your life.
When you’re dealing with chronic pain and mental health challenges, brain function efficiency is often overlooked. Our Wheat Ridge CO chiropractors focus on optimizing the efficiency of brain function to help correct the root cause of physiological and mental wellness problems. At Wild & Precious Optimal Living, we never rush with providing you care to ensure all of your health problems and concerns are addressed thoroughly.

With our initial discovery consult, we carefully listen to your health concerns and provide comprehensive neurological testing to assess and reveal underlying areas of imbalance in brain function. Achieving optimal efficiency in brain function can help address poor stress tolerance and other chronic conditions. Finally, we customize a meaningful care plan to help you reach your health goals through in-office and at-home treatments.

Brain-Based chiropractic

Freeing up your body’s patterns of stress and pain.

neuro rehab

Addressing and improving the brain’s adaptability to stress.

softwave tissue regeneration

Cellular healing promotes the longevity of joints.


Improving cognitive & mental function.

pediatric care

Creating the foundation of growing healthy minds.

family care

Building a strong foundation of health for the entire family.

We know what it's like to struggle

We're Here To Help You

When you’re feeling limited by your symptoms and/or chronic conditions, we know it affects other aspects of your life. We can help you turn that around. You can feel better, have more energy and motivation to get back to doing the things you love. Our Wheat Ridge CO chiropractors restore confidence and clarity in your course of feeling and functioning better. With us, You get Answers and Impactful Results.

Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a doctor. If we can't help you, we will tell you who can.

What Sets Us Apart

We take the time to listen to You. We want to understand what your biggest pain point is in your health. And how it has been impacting your life. As your doctor, we function as your biggest health advocate and coach. Together we outline measurable goals in a reasonable timeframe. And we put together actionable items to shift you from pain and discomfort, to feeling and functioning your very best.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help hundreds of families take control of their health. To ultimately help families restore health and live optimally. We do this by providing the best neurologically based healthcare in the Denver Metro area.

Our Vision

An empowered world where people live life at their fullest potential state of health, adaptive and resilient to the ever-changing world.

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